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Tercer trabajo para la banda catalana Itnuveth, después de un par de trabajos como "The Way of the Berserker" y "Paulsilaur: "Under the Wolf's Skin"", regresan con "Enchantments" un álbum que ofrece una línea bastante similar a anteriores lanzamientos, es decir un mezcla de black, pagan y viking, pero que poco a poco va madurando, sobre todo en cuanto a sonido. El álbum será editado el próximo Octubre a través del sello Base Records.

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*Eurynomos – Eye of the Pantheon 7,99 €
*Eurynomos – Fierce Alliance 8,99 €
*Megiddo – The Holocaust Messiah 15,99 €
*Sabbat – Envenom 15,99 €

*Altarage – Nihl 14,99 €
*Árstíðir Lífsins – Jötunheima Dolgferð 21,99 €
*Black Cilice – Summoning The Night 13,99 €
*Blackosh – Kurvy, chlast, black metal 14,99 € - 12,99 OPORTUNIDAD
*Blakk Old Blood – Greed 13,99 €
*Convulse – Evil Prevails 14,99 €
*Ctulu – Sarkomand 14,99 €
*Cult Of Fire – मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान 15,99 €
*Damnation - Reborn... 13,99 €
*Desaster – Tyrants Of The Netherworld 16,99
*Devouring star - Through Lung and Heart 18,99
*Doombringer - The Grand Sabbath 16,00 €
*Dream Death – Back From The Dead (2LP) 19,99 €
*Drudensang – Prinzipien Der Grausamkeit 15,99
*Ellende – Weltennacht 16,99 €
*Empty – Eternal Cycle Of Decay 15,99 €
*Entrails – Serpent Seed 12,99 €
*Eternum – Summoning The Wolven Spirit 13,99 €
*EvnaR – E.V.N.A.R. 14,99 €
*Erazor - Dust Monuments 14,00 €
*Force Of Darkness – Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness 13,99 €
*Genocide Shrines – Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil: Scriptures of Reversed Puraana Dharmurder 14,99 €
*Helheim - Heiðindómr ok Mótgangr 13,99 €
*Helheim - Av Norrøn Ætt 13,99 €
*Helheim - Jormundgand 13,99 €
*Hetroertzen - Ain Soph Aur 25,99 € - 20,99 € OPORTUNIDAD
*High Priest Of Saturn – High Priest Of Saturn 14,99 € - 11,99 € OPORTUNIDAD
*Inferno - Uctívání temné zuřivosti 12,50 €
*Insulter – Crypts Of Satan 12.99 €
*Karg – Apathie 13,99 € - 11,99 € OPORTUNIDAD
*Kaiadas - And the Battles Will Start Again 13,99 €
*Kermania - "Kehre Heim" (2 lp - blanco) 19,95 €
*Laster - De verste verte is hier (blanco) 15,99 €
*Laster - De verste verte is hier (transparente) 15,99 €
*Licht Erlischt... – ...And Below, The Retrograde Disciples 12,99 €
*Martire - Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse 15,00 €
*Mefitic – Woes Of Mortal Devotion (bronze) 23,99 €
*Megiddo – The Holocaust Messiah 15,99 €
*Moonblood – The Winter Falls Over The Land 13,99 €
*Morbid Slaughter ‎– A Filthy Orgy Of Horror and death 15,99 €
*Mordicus – Dances From Left 18,99 €
*Morte Incandescente – ... O Mundo Morreu! 15,99 €
*Mystruin - Gånget äro ljuset 14,99 €
*Nails – Unsilent Death 16,99 €
*Nekrokrist SS - Der Todesking 17,99 €  13,99 € OPORTUNIDAD
*Nevoa – The Absence Of Void 13,99 €
*Nocternity – Harps of the Ancient Temples 19,99 €
*Nuclearhammer – Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer (Silver, Black/Blue Splatter) 19,99 €
*Opium Warlords – Taste My Sword Of Understanding (2 LP - Gold) 23,99 €
*Quintessenz - Back to the Kult of the Tyrants 13,99 €  - 11,99 € OPORTUNIDAD
*Pantheon – Vargrstrike 12,99 €
*Põhjast -Thou Strong, Stern Death 16,99 €
*Possession – 1585 - 1646 13,99 €
*Prosanctus Inferi – Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night (Blue) 20,99€
*Pyriphlegethon – Night Of Consecration 14,99 €
*Rippikoulu – Musta Seremonia 15,99 €
*Rites Of Thy Degringolade – An Ode To Sin 17,99 €
*Ruach Raah – Hate Fanaticism 13,99 €
*The Ruins Of Beverast – Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospel Of Heinrich Kramer. 20,99 €
*Sabbat – Envenom 15,99 €
*Sabbat – Evoke 14,99 €
*Slægt – Beautiful and Damned 16,99 €
*Sleep – Dopesmoker 27,99 €
*Sortilegia – Arcane Death Ritual (2 LP, White) 23,99 €
*Stíny Plamenů – Šum v pološerech 15,99 €
*Sunn O))) – Black One 26,99 €
*Thaw - Earth Ground 16,99 €
*Thorgerd – Cold Empire of Souls 10,99 €
*Volcanic – Okkult Witch 12,99 €
*Witching Hour - Where Pale Winds Take Them High... 13,99 €
*Xasthur – To Violate The Oblivious 19,99 €
*Ysengrin – Liber Hermetis (blue) 21,99 €

*Anti / Mosaic - Landscapes 6.5 €
*Blakk Old Blood, Black Devotion – Blakk Old Blood / Black Devotion 7,99 €
*Dämmerfarben, Blaze of Sorrow – Geister Des Winters 19,99 €
*Darvulia / Sektarism - Split 17,50 €
*Demonic Christ / Horna - Demonic Christ / Horna 6,99 €
*Dolentia / Serpentfyre – Servo Além-Dor / Kointähti 7,99 € - 6,99 € OPORTUNIDAD
*Grá / Gnosis of the Witch - Split 6.99 €
*Human Bodies / Leather Chalice - SPLIT 6.99 €
*Israthoum / Chalice of blood - "Ascetic Temples / Sacrament of Death" 8.99 €
*Kawir / Nergal / Embrace of Thorns / Soulskinner - Emissaries of a Profane Advent 10,99 €
*Nightbringer & Dodsengel - "Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno" 16,99 €
*Psychonaut 4 / Happy Days / Dodsferd – The Great Depression I 15,99 €
*Vassafor / Temple Nightside – Call Of The Maelstrom 13.99 €
*Volahn / Shataan / Arizmenda / Kallathon – Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons 16,99 €
*Whipstriker, War Atrocities – Struck By Warwhip 5,5 €
*Wyrms / Fhoi Myore - Les Limbes Pourpres/Mehxôhorr-Les IV Dimensions Cosmogoniques 13.99€

*Barzabel – Calling the Disembodied Souls of the Wicked 6,99 €
*Bölzer – Aura 13,99 €
*Chalice of Blood - "Helig, Helig, Helig" 15,99 €
*Cloak ‎– Cloak 6.99 €
*Eurynomos – Eye of the Pantheon 7,99 €
*Eurynomos – Fierce Alliance 8,99 €
*Heretic - "Alive Uner Satan" 12,95 €
*Hissing – Hissing 6,99 €
*Moloch – Depressive Black Metal Plague 17,99 €
*Nekromanteion – Cosmic Horrors 5.99 €
*Nuit Noire – A Beautiful Belief 17,99 €
*Precambrian - Proarkhe 6,99 €
*Radioactive Vomit – Ratsflesh 5.99 €
*Swarþ – Veneficivm 6.5 €
*Thou Shell Of Death – Cave Hill 15,99 €

*Bulturnos – O vuedo dentre as enruenas 5,99 €
*Beasts Of Torah, Krowos, Cold From Beyond – In Tenebris Flamma Trinitas Vol.II 5,99 €
*Krowos – Medii Aevi Occulta Arte 8.99 €
*Vesano – Em Mim, Um Morto 5,99 €

*Acherontas - Amenti - Ψαλμοί Αίματος και Αστρικά Οράματα 7,99 €
*Hetroertzen - Ain Soph Aur 12,99 €
*Infestus - The Reflecting Void 9,99 €
*Trollfastheart - What?! An Old Pot For All?! 7,99 €

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Nuevo larga duración para Viranesir, en esta ocasión siete nuevas canciones inspiradas nuevamente en la oscuridad y en la irreverencia. Como ya nos tiene acostumbrados Emil entrega un álbum en donde los sonidos de guitarra y bajo pasan prácticamente desapercibidos, cobrando un papel importante todo lo que tenga que ver con sonidos más electrónicos. Para la ocasión a teñido su música de más influencias pop de los años ochenta, más sonidos góticos, algo de death para otra vez lograr crear esa atmósfera totalmente cargada, insana, viciada, depresiva y sobre todo irreverente. Quien haya escuchado con anterioridad algún trabajo de Viranesir sabrá lo que puede encontrar en un álbum como este, el oyente se ve atrapado por ambientación lograda, una ambientación que logra sumergirte en una pesadilla, gracias a las registros vocales que van desde las agresividad, hasta los lamentos. Para la ocasión, bien es cierto, que se ha optado por una mayor presencia de elementos electrónicos y de sintetizadores, pero todo seguidor de Viranesir ya sabrá que son elementos más que necesarios para conseguir ese sonido tan particular y propio. (8).

1. Soul 04:12
 There are ways in which I choose to document my sadness.
One of them being my shaky hands,
There are ways, in which I lose my madness,
No one should trust his or her soul.
There are damp rooms inside the mind,
Which give way to utter darkness,
Which spreads to the body,
Which rather not be.
Black is the thinking.
Bleak is the shaking.
The roots of body lie in soul.
Why try experiment with it?
There are ways, in which I choose to limit my sadness,
One of them being this,
There are ways, in which I act out my madness,
Nothing should stand between you and your fear.
2. Pedophilic Torturer 04:10
  Those who are denied their childhoods, end up forever children. I am forever.
I am forever a child of uncertainty.
I am forever a child and if you dig deep enough, 
You will find this kid that is the basis of me. You can offend and hurt it easily, and if it had the chance it would skin you alive and bathe you in salt.
I am talented and think very deeply but who cares?
The only thing constant, relentless and deep thinking reward is the eventual understanding that you are no different than a pedophilic torturer.
Same as those sand niggers and all the disgusting people torturing each other in streets and public places.
Authoritarian in other realms through, like in the workplace and social mobsterism. In "acceptable" forms.
Everybody is such mobsters, it is impossible to live.
I quit Turkey to quit all the hideousness to Canada to escape all the hideousness to go back to Turkey and escaped all the hideousness to go to England and probably will do the same until my father's money runs out.
I don't know if I was well prepared for this world, I just really don't want to live or be a part of anything than a voice in these albums.
3. Escapeless 04:56  
Escape is an illusion.
Whenever you feel like escaping, it is the will to escape from this existence.
Whichever part of town, or country or the world you escape to is a temporary feeling of idealized death.
Existence is a prison, and yes I have seen the good days, I have seen amazing days… Life hasn't always been this way.
I refuse to feel good in this stupid world.
It is not mere depression like you petty bastards like to simplify it into, it is something else.
You bastards simplify everything, like when you say it is the fault of niggers, fault of muslims, fault of racists, fault of leftists, fault of white people, fault of multiculturalism, fault of "thinking too much".
Even best friends blow it off saying "oh just listen to some songs and wait it out".
Well, fuck you all.
Things are not that simple, yet you feel lazy to think effectively, just like you simplify the problems of us saying its depression. It ain't that simple.
They don't want to be involved, no matter how involved you become when you're presented with their problems.
I do not wish to be a part of this existence where you guys clockwork it into a nightmare.
It is this deep sense of disgust.
I don't want to die as well because death can be even shittier.
And I refuse to accept looking at the harder times to feel relatively good about the good | things in this world, and also I do not wish to devote any of my | energy into concentrating on the good things.
4. The Father in Me 03:45  
You think of success father,
I only think of happiness.
You think money will bring happiness,
I think happiness will bring success.
Success is money for you,
Respect is money for you.
Money is success for me.
Money is escapism.
An escapist success!
Fuck that!

Were you able to escape your parents?
They are dead but they are still alive for you.
Would you have divorced a second time if she was alive?
Would you even get married to an arab whore?

What if I died father?

Sometimes I do think that
You would make beautiful life lessons out of my shitty death
I want to shoot my mother, then shoot her corpse, then shoot on her corpse.
I actually don't want to do that, I just said it to get a reaction.
For now I think I finally I forgave you…
You make up your mind from a collection of what others say,
failure makes me cum in dreams of success...
And too much faith's been guiding me down the wrong path!
What wrong path? Which path is right anyway? Fooling yourself into ignorance? Fuck that…

An escapist success!
Were you able to escape your parents?
They are dead but they are still alive for you.
Would you have divorced a second time if she was alive?
Would you even get married to an arab whore?

What if I died father?
A hopeless son is what you willingly created.

You were never able to take any responsibility; hence you made me into a living corpse. I see the child in you, I see the father in me.
5. Sadness 04:42
Father I am a sad person.
I think you are a sad, without person.
Let me explain,
The Beginning Is Not The Beginning…
This is not a three part story,
You all disgust me.

A lifetime where I don't dream of another life...
Be happy about the things you are about to think of...

Lure your wretched kind into the elk;
Powerful exit in ego warzone!

I see a more extreme version of my lameness in you
How you are incapable gives me a boner,

I defecate on its culture!

Why can't more girls be as sexy?
My biggest regret is never making up a story about her…

Your Son Is A Disgusting Waste,
how should I enjoy your life?

I liked asking people about their work…
I no longer do.

A Lifetime Afraid Of Life
Alarm goes off
Wake Up The Sleeping Fly
6. Naphthalene 02:40  instrumental
7. Bourgeois Beleaguered II 13:26
 Then you will know that
You cement your weakness,
Although you are very young,
You know you will regret.

Your dreams are slowly fading away,
As you age.
Not because you can not reach them
But because you don't want to fight.

You've never seen rock bottom,
Because you've always been taken care of.
That is why they say,
You never worked hard.

But you think otherwise,
There is a fundamental difference…
You have never cared about success,
nor money.

How heavy it is to exist…
How heavy it is to be rich…
How heavy it is to be smart…
How heavy it is to be spiritual…

Why have you never existed before?
You could have used the experience.

I have never seen such a sorry soul…
I have never seen such a cold soul…

Late is the hour at which,
This tired man has returned home.
For his home is spoiled,
And his time away got him sick.

What will the poor man do,
He is open to manipulation.
And this shitty country,
Will just ruin him.

Will he run away once more?
Can he stand the sickness?
What will be left of his home?
When will the robbers strike again?

The only question left is,
Will his art save him?
That is his last chance,
For he has closed all other gates.

Black/Thrash Metal from Germany
Evil Spell / Undercover Records, 2015

12" black Vinyl (140g) 
on upgraded 300gsm w-w carton, coated paper with 5mm spine Cover
8 Page Booklet On 170gsm Paper


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Séptimo larga duración para la banda noruega Ancient después de once años de silencio y regresan con un álbum de black metal melódico muy en la línea del género escandinavo en los años noventa. El álbum llevará por título "Back to the Land of the Dead" y será editado por Soulseller Records el próximo 16 de Septiembre.

1. Land of the Dead 04:07  
2. Beyond the Blood Moon 03:42  
3. The Sempiternal Haze 04:25  
4. The Empyrean Sword 05:45  
5. The Ancient Disarray 05:45  
6. Occlude the Gates 05:22  
7. Part I: Defiance and rage 05:13  
8. Part II: The Prodigal Years 00:45  
9. Part III: The Awakening 04:47  
10. Death Will Die 05:34  
11. The Spiral 06:19  
12. Petrified by Their End 09:27  
13. 13 Candles (Bathory cover) 04:19   

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Origen: E.E.U.U., Canton, Michigan
Formados: 2014
Estilo: Black
Temática: Antireligión, demonología y fantasía.
Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y reverbnation

  • Lord Moloch Todos los instrumentos y voces

  • Ancient Darkened Realm Demo 2016  
  • Malphas EP 2016
MALPHAS (2016)
Nuevo lanzamiento para la one man ban estadounidense Malphas que este EP homónimo entrega seis temas que podemos encuadrar dentro del un black en donde se combinan elementos del black y el death. Por el artwork de este Ep, uno puede llegar a pensar que se va a encontrar una banda de black atmosférico, influenciada por elementos de la naturaleza, pero lo que ofrece aquí Lord Moloch es una música más directa y brutal, que le deba bastante a estilos como el death. Si bien el comienzo de "Wanderer of Dark Woods" es algo más sosegado, rápidamente los dobles bombos y las voces guturales cobran protagonismo y se van erigiendo en una constante en todo este trabajo. Un trabajo que resulta también variado, dejando lugar para partes más melódicas en algunos lugares y para incorporar distintos registros vocales, en una música que logra transmitir una ambientación antireligiosa y de fantasía. En definitiva, estamos ante un trabajo que sobre todo sorprende en cuanto a contundencia y que se sitúa a medio camino entre el death y el black, con algunas influencias melódicas y ambientales. (8,1)

1. Wanderer of Dark Woods 04:14
Deep in dark woods He wanders this realm Solitary existence Imposed by the Ancients He lives in exile Imprisoned by enchanted oak He plots his escape Twisted shape of evil Cast from the world Spawn of forbidden coitus Hidden and forgotten He sits on frozen slopes Dreaming of the outside A world he’ll never know He weeps for his lonely Existence Nightfall comes, the hour is near A sacrifice made on mountaintop altar Ruinous powers hear his plea Ancient ones break his bond Pulled into a swirling vortex Beyond the mortal realm What has he done???? Soul trapped in the abyss Abused his call for freedom He is now a slave WANDERER OF DARK WOODS Now he longs to return To his isolation Trapped by enchanted oaks Hidden and forgotten 

2. Infernal War Hymn 03:54
Pounding hooves of legion’s feet 
The mortal world trembles 

Ranks are clad in darkened mail 
Spewing forth from the portal 

Humans flee before the horde 
Moloch flies above on wings of black 

Lucifer controls the mortal realm 
The infernal legions claim the ruins of man 

Enslaved to horned masters of darkness 
Humanity slaves away 
Erecting altars of tainted glory 

Clad in dark mail 
The legion crushes rebellion 

Twisted spires reach toward the sky 
The dark lord’s majesty 

Dark beasts roam the moral realm 
Their twisted new home
3. The Necromancer 05:29
Outlawed by royal decree In the third era of the covenant The practice of reanimating the dead Necromancy Punishable by death Clad in robes of black They meet in darkness Under mountain peak NECROMANCER Forbidden black art Raising those long gone From ancient burial ground Banished from the world Shades and spectres dancing in pale moonlight Ancient decree of a weak king Makes the dark art forbidden Meeting in the night The spells are cast Legions of undead called forth!  
4. Devoured by the Swarm 04:34
Descending down from the sky to devour worlds 
Consuming flesh to feed the fleet 
And build the swarm 

Sending forth the horde to digest the world 
Creations designed to kill 

All will fall before the biologic terror 
Will of the hive mind conquers all 

Mighty tyrant leads, the lord of the swarm 
Giant armored beetles break down their walls 

Mankind’s marines can’t hold them back 
The finest of Terra 

Dragged to the pools for digestion 
Nutrition sent back to the fleet 

Devourer of worlds 

Reinforcements come 
In pods from the sky 
Came to reclaim a dying world 

They came too late 
The planet is dead 
All slaughtered 
At the drop sites 

Devourer of worlds

Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP, Limited Edition


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Primer larga duración para la banda francesa Fange, black doom metal pesado y oscuro en un álbum que llavará por título "Purge" y que será editado por Throatruiner Ṙecords el próximo 2 de Septiembre.

1. Cour martiale 06:33  
2. Mâchefer 06:47  
3. Roy-Vermine 07:10  
4. Étouffoir 05:09  
5. De guerre lasse 07:26  
6. Girone della merda 04:49  

sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016


The Anthagonist son una nueva formación que nos llega desde Pontevedra y que llevan en activo desde el 2014, en us filas podemos encontrar miembros de Nihil, Unhuman Nature o Unreal Overflows. Vienen de editar el pasado 31 de Julio a través del sello sueco Downfall Records su primer Ep bajo el título de "When Bloody Sunset Arrives" que contiene seis temas de black death metal en la línea de bandas como Behemoth o Septicflesh y que encierra una historia conceptual que se va desvelando en los poco más de diecinueve minutos que dura el EP. Este trabajo ha sido editado en formato digital y físico, en cd, por el mencionado sello Downfall Records y en el Facebook de la banda podéis estar al tanto de todas las novedades del grupo.

1. Origin 03:52  
2. The Son of the Sun 03:34  
3. Arise 03:34  
4. A Growth Path 03:37  
5. Last Sunset 04:30  

Second pressing:
500 x black
Stuck up on the icy western coast of Norway, Trondheim might not be the easiest way to embark on intergalactic voyages but it surely does hold an incredibly versatile metal and rock scene whose latest avatar is ready to take you on a hell of a trip.

Self-described as a psychedelic doom act inspired by classic stoner bands and 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, High Priest of Saturn are a three piece that consist of guitarist Martin Sivertsen and guitarist-drummer Andreas Hagen's slow-pounding riffs and beats and Merethe Heggset's eerie vocals, which seem to resonate from another dimension. The entire opus then is drenched with swirling, menacing vintage organ sounds, played on the album by Ole Kristian Malmedal.

Groovy yet epic (none of the four tracks presented here are below the nine minutes mark!), High Priest of Saturn's debut full-length is a trip. Not only does it fulfill the many promises offered by their 2011 demo (whose two songs have been re-recorded here in even heavier and more mesmerizing versions), but it also propels this trio towards the same league as Sleep and Acid King, towards the sky and beyond
Track list: 
A1 Protean Towers
A2 Kraken Mare
B1 Crawling King Snake
B2 On Mayda Insula


jueves, 11 de agosto de 2016


Tercer larga duración para la banda germana Asenblut, que ofrece un sonido en el cual se combinan elementos del black, el death melódico y el viking en la línea de Amon Amarth. El álbum llevará por título "Berserker" y será editado el próximo 19 de Agosto por AFM Records.

1. Berserkerzorn 04:38  
2. Titanenerbe 05:19  
3. Offenbarung 23 04:39  
4. Helden des ewigen Sturms 04:13  
5. Auf den Feldern von Flandern 04:06  
6. Drachenborn 05:06  
7. Des Alchemisten Elixier 04:04  
8. Bittere Wacht 04:11  
9. Berserkers Ruhmeserinnerungen 05:13  
10. Schatten über Arkham 03:55  
11. Horizonte 04:44  
12. Auf grauen Schwingen 04:35  
13. Berserker Rage (English version) 04:38  

miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2016


Banda creada el pasado 2015 y afincada en Madrid, al frente de la cual podemos encontrar a Francisco y Ángel Lobo, este último también en  Aanomm, Gravislatro, Icepressive y Trollfastheart entre otros. El pasado mes de junio editaron su primer larga duración "The Entrance", ocho temas con una duración total aproximada a los cincuenta minutos en donde nos presentan un black metal en el que hay cabida para la oscuridad, elementos clásicos y otros más personales, siempre desde una perspectiva bastante ocultista. El álbum está disponible en su página bandcamp, al mismo tiempo que es su página de facebook también podemos estar al tanto de todas las novedades sobre la banda.

Limited Edition 7"EP
- 300gsm Cardboard Jacket With 3mm Spine And
With Interior Flooded In Black
- Insert On 150gsm Art Paper
- Limited To 500 Copies
- Exclusive Songs By Each Band


sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016


Origen: Grecia, Atenas
Formados: 2014
Estilo: Black
Temática: Blasfemia y muerte
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook

  • Gareth Guitara y voces
  • Geegor Batería
  • Pyriflegethon Bajo

  • Plague of Death EP 2014  
  • Beyond the Portal CD 2015

Detrás de este proyecto heleno se encuentra un puñado de músicos que han demostrado su potencial en bandas como Diabolical Principles, Infernal Wrath, Mortuus Caelum o Dizziness entre otras, es decir no estamos ante un grupo de recién llegados y eso se nota a lo largo de la hora de duración de este álbum. "Beyond the Portal" está conformado por nueve temas de una duración considerable en donde el sonido black thrash está muy presente al mismo tiempo que nos traen reminiscencias al black nórdico. Todo ello viene de la mano de los elaborados riffs de guitarra, sucios y bestiales de sonido underground, a los cuales acompañan perfectamente las voces casi que de ultratumba de Gareth, si a ello le sumamos un sonido pesado y denso, acabamos por asistir a una obra que le debe mucho al sonido más clásico dentro del black-thrash. El álbum no se resiente en cuanto a la producción a pesar de haber sido grabado en diferentes estudios, sonando compacto y temas como VI lo aproximan a un sonido más black'n'roll, dejando un tanto de lado la versión más punk dentro de su sonido. Grupos como Divine Blasphemy simpre son bien recibidos dentro de la escena, sobre todo en cuanto a sonido clásico y deja buena cuenta de que la escena helena sigue gozando de muy buena salud. (7,9).

1. i 06:14  
2. ii 06:50  
3. iii 06:07  
4. iv 07:25  
5. v 08:17  
6. vi 07:15  
7. vii 06:19  
8. viii 07:17  
9. ix 04:12  

- 280g jacket with matt lamination
- Black vinyl
- Limited to 300 copies


jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

DRUDKH / GRIFT - Зраджені сонцем / HÄGRINGAR

Nuevo split para la banda ucraniana de black metal Drudkh que para la ocasión han elegido a la one man sueca Grift que en sus escasos cinco años de trayectoria ya ha dejado constancia de su calidad. El split será editado el próximo 16 de Septiembre bajo el título de "Зраджені сонцем / Hägringar" por el sello Season of Mist.

Cara A
1. Drudkh - Його двадцять четверта весна  
2. Drudkh - Осінь в сепії  
Cara B
3. Grift - Källan  
4. Grift - Cirkeln